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HotYou Mochila Cruzada USB Recargable para Colgar en el Pecho Casual Bolsa para Exterior Cruzada Satchel Messenger

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  • A hole for headphone provides an easy access to earphone usage that you can listen to your favorite music on the go hands-free.
  • Put your portable charger into backpack and connect internal USB charging cable, then let your charging cable insert external USB charging port to connect your electronic device. Easy access and more convenient to charge.
  • Made of high quality Polyester and waterproof PU leather, it's durable, lightweight, easily to clean and comfortable to wear.
  • The shoulder straps can be adjusted according to what your need, conducive to dispersing pressure, wear it from direction as you like.
  • It can be used for business purposes to store mobile charger, wallet and keys safely with zipper. Other wise, It's perfect for outdoor activity to put umbrella, water bottles and so on.